Started on Muddy Reflections

Last night I started the process on Muddy Reflections, at least to consolidate the three short stories (only one is on the main site Even if you read Murder on Piscrest, I'm going to be changing it significantly enough that you probably won't know who did it or how it fits in with the novel. I'm not worried about that.

The story came out to 54k words. My goal is about 100k, so I need to add a small block. If it came out to just writing, I can do 10k words in a day, but that never happens. :) Too much editing involved.

I figured it will take about month to get the story ironed out and cleaned up, the short stories broken into their components and expanded on. I also want to add a link to the original story idea, the prostitute murder, which I am not planning on resolving in the novel, but since Mudd obsesses about it for every single story, I figured it was something important to expand on slightly.