Back from the Wedding

I actually had a pretty good time. The drive up there wasn't too bad, but that was because Fluffy drove. She also drove back, so I can't argue at all about that. The wedding itself was nice, they were worried about the weather being bad, mainly because it was snowing but it ended up being just about perfect, though it got cold during the eating bits.

We had some pretty interesting wedding party photos. Including climbing up on a few bridges, posing by a waterfall. It took a couple hours to complete and my feet were sore. They got even more sore after dancing, which apparently surprised my brother because he didn't know I liked dancing so much.

Fluffy wasn't feeling well, so we ended up going home as soon as we woke up on Saturday. Spent the rest of the day driving and just trying to help her, she hurt her hip and was rather sick.

It was nice seeing family though. Susan and Jerry want us to visit next year and I think I'll make time for that. Its been a few years since I was in Colorado and I like that state a lot. Not as much as Iowa, of course, but it is still a pretty good place. Seeing all the cousins was great too, I haven't done that in a year and before that... well, it was a very long time.

Being with family is still a new thing with me. Fluffy brought me a bit close to my own family because I wouldn't actually visit or think about them really, except when it came up. Being a "lost cousin" in a way pointed out that they do remember me, even if I don't always remember them. Kind of strange, and one of those things that I'm struggling through. Seeing Fluffy and how tight she is with her family is kind of like looking a family in a different country for me, everything is so strange and so... different.

Things to think about, I guess.