Laser Pointers

For the first time ever, I got a laser pointer. It was one of those $9 thingies you can get at the pet store. I was looking forward to playing with the pets, everyone else's chases the pointer all over the floor. Mine... well, they stare at it for a few seconds, then go back to licking all the fur off their bodies.

Me, on the other hand, loves the pointer. I've been tracing ceiling joints, seeing how far away I can see it. My favorite is just staring at the little dancing motes in the light. My physics teacher said he's explain it, but then I dropped out before hearing the answer. But, it is just so much fun to play with.

It last almost 16 days before I ran the battery out. My friends have laser pointers that worked for months, but apparently they don't write letters on the ceiling of the bedroom when you are suppose to be sleeping. Oh well, I'll get new batteries because, frankly, they are just so much fun!