Almost There...

Yesterday, I got round five of Bouncy's mother's edit of Muddy Reflections. Its beginning to look pretty good and I decided that I'm going to submit it on Sunday to Mr. Helfers. Its going to be a tad shy of 100k words but it should go through two rounds of my editing and six rounds of hers. She said she'll redo chapter one and try to make it as perfect as possible. I'm getting kind of anxious, mainly because I put so much into it and its twelve weeks of finding out if he liked it or not.

I like Mr. Helfers. Actually, what I really like is when I talked to him last year at GenCon, he actually told me what he didn't like about the story. The main bit is that WBM is a Young Adult (YA) novel and his company doesn't do YA. A nice, reasonable and honest reason for not accepting WBM. Of course, it hasn't been accepted since, but oh well.

Speaking of WBM, Bouncy's mother said that she would be greatly interested in reading it. I told her if she was willing, I would love it if she would edit it after I do the Fedora revamp. Oh yeah, Fedora. I decided that is the working name of my world, which is more steam punk than high fantasy. It really worked out well for MR and it shouldn't take too much to change WBM over. The main difference is the whole dragon thing, the reasons and purposes change significantly in the story and I need to make sure it still flows well. Even though I'm not planning on writing a novel this year, I might work on that later.