The Master Plan

We have a Master Plan. Most of it came from Fluffy and most of the time I'm pretty cool with it. In general, the master plan consists of us moving back to Iowa, getting 5-10 acres, and having children. The having children bit is the key part right now for Fluffy, every time she holds a baby, reads Baby Blues (one of our favorite comics), or even thinks about others having children, her biological clock starts making that annoying buzzing noise. She is also turning 32 in February and I think its getting to the point that, if we going to do it, we should probably do it soon.

Having a child is a scary plan. Right now, I'm working for a company that really doesn't pay very well. Another way of saying is, we are only seven paychecks behind and the arrears is over 20% of the expected $180,000 it takes to minimally raise a child from concept to eighteen. Yeah, we get a paycheck enough to pay the bills, but it is almost impossible to save up to move and have a child.

But, its really important to Fluffy. Most of her family is near Iowa City. They are very close-knit, their clan (and the husbands). She wants to be near her mother for moral support and I can understand that perfectly. For me, its big and scary, but I'm not opposed to it. I'm... just not exactly in favor of it yet. I still think I'd be a terrible father, despite what everyone tells me. I don't know if I can sacrifice that much of myself for another person. That's the scary part.

The idea of moving to Iowa is just as bad. While I make reasonable amount of money here, despite the late paychecks, I'm afraid there won't be jobs in Iowa for me. Or, more accurately, jobs I've spent the last two decades getting really good at. The catch-22 there is that I have to wait to start looking until I'm ready to move, because I have to be able to say weeks instead of months for being a new hire.