Working too hard and random stuff

I switch the KDE in the last couple of days. Apparently, it is a mix of 3.4 and 3.5, but I'm pretty happy with it. I got tons of options to set, managed to get the windows pretty much where I want them, and decided to reeducate myself into using Ctrl-F* instead of Alt-F* to switch virtual terminals. Cosmetically, it is a bit getting used to, but I'll adapt, I always do.

I'm also working on getting my Debian packages working again. I found qemu for doing virtual terms, so hopefully I can duplicate some of the more complicated bugs and start getting things done "properly." I've pretty much given up on wanting to be a Debian Developer but I can still do package maintenance until they find someone else better.

I feel broken today, both with a general hated of my body and of the too many things to do on my list. I'm going to focus on 1-2 things this weekend and see if I can get them better and struggle to finish up stuff so I can get to my other goals. I might be pushing back the drawing and Japanese stuff to the third quarter, just to focus on Exalted and writing for a bit. Its kind of frustrating, mainly because I have this drive to do things, just not enough time and energy to do it. With work lately, I haven't really had the energy to do anything much at all. In fact, for having the last ten years being only about 60% busy and pretty damn happy, I'm now closer to 95% busy without a break in sight. It isn't really fun since I need an extend break. I might just take a week off or so, if my boss would let me, in the next month or so. It isn't like I don't have the days, I should be around 45 days of paid vacation/sick time this year.

Last Sunday, we were suppose to do holiday gifts with my mother. However she had a "terrible day" and "just forgot" about it. In reality, she was more interested in the Bears game than anything else. The leftovers and the mess we saw pretty much told us that story. This is from the lady who takes great pride in the important of a holiday and has a lot of rules of what types of gives you can buy (no gift cards, they are an insult). We ended up just taking most of the presents home and opened them, I got a really nice set of origami calendars and packets, a really cool dictionary of mythological creatures. That should be interesting when I work on the fantasy creatures for Fedora and my other worlds.

Speaking of worlds, I saw a really interesting stain on the oven and decided it would make a perfect continent. So, I got a picture of it and I'll probably turn it into a nice pretty map, like the Exalted Map of Creation.

I also got one of the "thank you" gifts from donations I made this year. I did around $1,600 this year to various blogs, web sites, and other places. I'm hoping to give at least two thousand this year in donations to those who create things on the Internet. Its one of the those important things in my life.