Up a Level

Got a t-shirt in the mail yesterday. Wasn't expecting a t-shirt, didn't even know why until I pulled it out. It was a donation gift from DefectiveByDesign.org, one of the efforts to protest DRM all over the world. I'm not fond of DRM, the number of times I've had to reinstall or fix Fluffy's machine because of DRM has put it pretty far on my shitlist. Plus, I don't like that DRM basically treats all customers as criminals, since it won't stop a dedicated criminal. Even Sony's latest DRM apparently doesn't even run on Sony DVD's players, go figure. Well, it has this list of names on the front and a cute picture on the back. I didn't think of anything until fightertype was talking to me, then she suddenly gasped. "Your name is on that!" Shocked, I looked down myself and lo and behold, on line nine, is my name. I got this shirt because I donated money. That makes me curious of a few things, the first is: how much much did I give these people? And two, why are there only 50 names on the list? I guess people don't care about DRM as much as I do.

Still, a nice surprise.