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Sick as a human

I never liked the phrase, "sick as a dog." I mean, my dogs were rarely sick and when they were, it was a couple of days not weeks. So, I was almost as sick as fluffy and very sick. Spent almost the entire weekend with fevers, the inability to speak, getting dizzy when I moved, and having to take care of Fluffy who was even worse. Apparently, someone forgot the household rule of "one sick person at a time." Fluffy has bronchitis, so she's going to be off center for a few weeks. I'm really hoping I'm better for this weekend, I'll decide if I can run on Wednesday which is also the day I decide if I'm going to a doctor.

One of the bright points was zenbodhi calling to chat, sadly I was passed out trying to get over the fact I was alternating between freezing and sweating for close to five hours after he called. Sorry.