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Sick, sick, sick

Yeah, still sick. Went home two hours early yesterday, working from home today. Talking is a chore and my voice is giving out after 15-20 minutes. This morning I almost couldn't breath when I woke up though drinking a pot of tea and creamer seemed to has helped with that. I even missed the rifftrax for Willy Wonka, which saddened me, but it was a good thing because my father came over with a chainsaw to handle the tree that tore out of the ground a few weeks back. We were only back there for an hour, but it is amazing to see how much cutting you can do with a chainsaw. The tree is now neatly sectioned into no length over 1.5 meters. I just have to drag it back into the woods over the next week and finish getting rid of a fence the city is bitching about.

At least I'm almost at the point I want to be with the world creator program. I got it to handle scaling of images so I can start with a single 256 pixel image for a world, say drawn on a napkin or photographed from a particularly interesting stain on the oven *cough*, or scaled down from a higher detailed once such as the vector map I created for Exalted. At this point, the main things I have left are the editing infrastructure which is going to let me make changes and automatically rebuild the rest of the zoom levels and details involved, and the relief generation from two other layers (I already got heightmap and terrain skinning done).

But, not today. Today, I'm going to work as long as I can then pass out again.