Forty-five steps forward, fifteen steps back

Since I'm not feeling on top of things, it ended up being a head start night for Fluffy to go to sleep. That means I ended up still writing at 23:00 before heading to bed. It also means I am exhausted this morning, which wasn't helped by either the headache or the fact my boss is being somewhat of a bitch today because we go into production tomorrow.

But, in good news, I finished the rewrite of Wind, Bear, and Moon. Chapter 36 got split into two parts, so with the renumber I'm up to 45 chapters and 86k words. I don't remember the novel being that short, but according to the word count, its a short novel. Self-editing is one of those skills that I'm not the greatest at, but I also really hate. There is always that point where you realize you aren't giving the chapter the same effort as the first. For me, it was chapter 30. By amazing lucky, I don't think I'm happy with chapters 30-45. My test readers (all friends of course) say its fine, but I'm not not exactly happy with the flow of that section.

I also encountered a problem when I got rid of elves as part of the conversion of the old world to Fedora. Fedora doesn't have elves and apparently I used "elf" and "elven" to describe Dyfan a lot. I also had a good number of orcs, which also don't exist in Fedora. So, I had a lot of jumping around. Right now, a good number of the elf references went to Vo or Voman, since Dyfan's parents were from Vo. Well, his mother was. I'm not happy with the descriptions. I suspect that I won't write another novel where there are two male teenagers in the same chapter for three-quarters of the novel. Too hard to refer to them in interesting methods without getting repetitive. Plus, "tiny teenager" seems wrong though Dyfan is only a meter in height.

So, my plans for WBM. I'm going to probably ignore the novel until next week. It is my seventh wedding anniversary this weekend (May 13), so I suspect I won't be near a computer. That whole "quality time" thing which I enjoy. Next week, I'll do a brief edit run on chapters 30-45 again, maybe smooth out the rough parts and make sure the climax works out properly. Then, the week after, I'll ask fightertype's mother to edit it. She's an English professor and wants a side job of editing. And I have something to edit and a bit of money to pay her for it. As soon as I get it out, I'll send it to Mirrorstone and hold my breath or something.

» Wind, Bear, and Moon Rewrite: 1.0000 (45 / 45 chapters)
» Summer Biking: 0.104 (41.6 / 400 km)