White Wolf submission, posted New Girl, married 7 years!

Hah, I bet you thought I missed a day since I actually skipped one and didn't post anything. Actually, I didn't do anything productive the day before yesterday, so I figured you didn't want to hear about my new game (Okami) and Fluffy starting the process of buying a new bike.

Well, I submitted my story, A Father's Choice, to White Wolf, but I think this might be pushing it. Apparently, they did request a word cap of 2,000 words and... I couldn't get it under 6,631. When I sent the letter, I thought it was still at the 3,000 word point otherwise, I would have just not sent it at all. So, they'll probably rejected it because I can't honor word counts. If they do that, I'll post it since I was pretty proud of the story.

I also decided that I would post The New Girl on my website. I haven't gotten feedback from Steam Punk Magazine, but I'll update it anyways when (and if) they get back to me.

This weekend, starting today, is my seventh year anniversary of the day I married Fluffy. And I still find myself in love with her. Has promise for the next forty-three years. We decided when we married that it would be a fifty year marriage, then we'll decide if we want another fifty.

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