Right verses Fun

Yesterday, we had a windfall of sorts. We got paid, which is considered a windfall in our lives (for December 15th) but we also got almost three thousand dollars from Fluffy's college, they made yet another mistake on tuition and send her excess of what they charged her. So we were stuck with the terrible question of: do we play or do we save?

On one hand, I really want a Playstation 3 and a Wii. Fluffy wants her massages, facials, and a weekend at Sybaris for our seventh year wedding anniversary this weekend. It would be a perfect way of basically spending that entire windfall. On the other, dropping all that money into the credit card would really knock down our monthly payments and save us more money in the long run. Like most Staters, we seem to keep our credit card closer to the maximum amount on it instead of nothing. It would take a few months to save up for toys and we wouldn't be going to a lovely pool for our anniversary.

It was a hard choice, but it felt right to put the money into a credit card. We decided to split a small amount (~12%) for fun things, but the rest of it going to head right over to the credit card. I'd rather play, but this will make the Master Plan a bit easier and get us out of debt faster.

Just not as fun.

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