New Projects and Wind, Bear, Moon editing

My Wind, Bear, and Moon rewrite went much better than a thought. After spending a few days away from it, it actually didn't seem as bad as I thought it would be. I cleaned up a few things, go rid of the Voman references for Dyfan, and changed it to an OpenOffice master document format for inserting (apparently chapters 1-3 and 17 didn't get inserted properly before). It still sits at 87k words, but I suspect that its going to be a drastically short novel, from my point of view. I just hope it is a good short novel. But, self-doubt has always been my curse. In hopes of keeping my formatting, I'm going to at fightertype's mother to edit the individual chapters in RTF format. Hopefully, that will handle the fact that everyone in the universe uses Microsoft Word but I use OpenOffice.

Other than that, I'm hoping to get a lot of writing done this week. I'm considering starting Peg and Sue or My Father's Bike, but I'm not sure which one. I want to write both novels, but I seem to work better with only one major writing project at a time. I suspect Bike will come first, so you might see that being added to my progress status.

You might notice I started using additional icons for my postings. I figured why not, but I was getting just a tad tired of the "Mf" moon. But, you'll notice that I'm sticking with the moon theme, just because I like it.

» Wind, Bear, and Moon Rewrite #2: 1.000 (15 / 15 chapters)
» Summer Biking: 0.104 (41.6 / 400 km)