Bikes, bones, and old game systems

It has been a busy and complicated set of days. Two nights ago, fightertype hurt herself greatly during Hapkido. I drove her home and offered to take her to urgent care. The next morning, I got a call at six asking if I would take her to the hospital. Six hours later, I finally made it home. She has a potential fracture in her arm. Seeing her in pain made me want to take care of her, and I did. I also got a package from my grandmother, pictures of my mother when she was young and a ton of her cards and young childhood notes. It was actually very nice to read about my mother as a little girl and as a baby. My mailbox also had a $100 money order from a story commission that I did, which is just damn nice to make a little bit of cash writing for people. Sometimes, it gets frustrating that I've made over two thousand dollars from commissions but only $23 from royalties.

I also talked to my neighbor this morning. They had a yard sale and I figured I'd be up front and friendly. She mentioned that their computer was dying because of her children's games, so I offered all the old game systems that I had in a box under my desk. I wasn't playing them and there were games that they haven't seen with it. Even if they only play them for a few hours, it would be a few more hours of life for things I stopped using years ago. Plus, I'd always rather give something away to someone I know will use it instead of just trying to sell it for a few pennies.

And the last bit. I finally started My Father's Bike. The problem is, while I've been thinking about writing this for two years, I missed a few things. I knew how it started and I knew exactly how it ended. What I forgot to do was figure out the middle. My original plan for organizing it wouldn't work, I simply didn't have enough months (I was going to do it as a set of realizations that I experienced, broken up by the months I rode my bike). Instead, I went with a slightly different approach. I'm also making it up entirely as I go which means I don't really have a measure of completion besides words. Even starting it is bringing up emotions I wasn't expecting and I think it is going to be very hard to finish this. But I have to. It is something I just have to say.

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