Miserable but not yet

I got sick. Well, still sick. My bronchtius seems have cleared up right at the point I got a throat infection. I'm hoping to be better by Thursday, but just in case, I won't announce my gaming schedule to the group until then. The doctor has me on Codine cough syrup and yet another -cillin. Talking doesn't seem to be much of a problem, but swallowing is. Oh well, I'm just worried because I haven't been this sick for this long on many, many years.

On the writing side, absolutely nothing! I'm almost at the end of Okami, so I'm pushing to finish that. And the drugs make it hard to concentrate on anything solid. I spent about a hundred dollars getting both the PS3 and the Wii hooked up to the network. I originally tried the wired connection for th Wii, but it simply wouldn't work, so I got a wireless access point instead. That works beautifully. As soon as I finish Okami, I suspect I'll be playing Resistance: Fall of Man or Dark Kingdoms. Not to mention, Rayman every night on the Wii with Fluffy, she really likes that game.

I'm going to add a few patches for New Girl from the Steam Punk Magazine. Mainly stuff that was in back story but not in the story itself. Already have an idea for the next one, depending on their theme. Lots of ideas, just no ability to focus long enough to write them.

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