Writing, PS3, and Wii's

Interesting and fun-filled vacation. I got a PS3 from my mother for helping her with a problem. Picked up a couple of games, then promptly ignored them to play a PS2 game. I also got a Wii, which is an utterly fun time and Fluffy loves greatly. We ended up spending a couple hours playing it, even when I should have been writing.

As for writing, I encountered a few problems with Bike, I figured I was about half done with the topics of the book, but that would only put me at 0.25 of the book instead of 1.00. So, I'm going to change it around a bit and see if I can get a slightly more interesting tone to read and also a little bit more narrative. This is an unstructured project, so I'm not too enamored with word counts, but I'm going to keep it until I "finish." I did get some really great feedback on New Girl. Good encouragements and very observant dislikes that I didn't see. I did find one little bit I forgot to do, Staple got her age wrong but since the story was from his point of view, I forgot to have her correct him. And a couple other points. Overall, I'm very happy to get the feedback and just as happy to take it in mind to make a few corrections.

I'm also getting sick again, I think. It hurts to swallow, so instead of waiting my usual week to see if things get better, and given the light of me being sick the last couple weeks on something else, I figured I'll just go in now and see if there is anything or if my doctor thinks its normal.

» My Father's Bike: 0.151 (9,683 / 80,000 words)
» Wind, Bear, and Moon: 0.000 (4 / 4 weeks until 2007-06-15)
» Muddy Reflections: 0.000 (12 / 12 weeks until 2007-08-10 query response)
» Summer Biking: 0.105 (41.8 / 400 km)