Babies and HDMI cables

I wrote a couple hundred words for My Father's Bike, but forgot to check them into so I can't get an updated word count. Hard to write when you are babysitting. At first, I thought it was because it was the first time, but yesterday was the second and I had the same problems. So, I guess I won't get much writing when I babysit the little one.

I got an HDMI to DVI cable ($80 for 2 meters!) and it worked perfectly. Too bad I use a DVI cable for my computer, so I couldn't use the same monitor I use for work. So, I guess I have a plan going forward. Get a HDMI switch or stereo that works with RCA cables (so I can use my DVD player) and buy another monitor. As long as it upscales to the new resolution, I should be in pretty good shape. I saw a used (maybe slightly broken) one at Best Buy yesterday for relatively cheap. Maybe I'll grab that.

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