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Last night, I worked on a XML schema for Exalted that has been on my TODO list for way too long. It is probably of interest to, at most, a dozen people in the world, but it was something I really wanted to finish working on.

So, tomorrow Fluffy walks across the stage to get her college diploma tomorrow. At the lovely age of 32, she finally managed to do what I did only two years ago and that was to finish college after dropping out, going into the "real world", getting a job, and living life for nearly a decade before going back. Except for parents vying over who pays for dinner and student loans, tomorrow is the last day college will touch us until one of us decides to get a graduate degree.

(Actually, I just wanted to use a "more" tag to make sure the next translator works on it.) I've actually considered going back to college, probably Capella since I'm good at it and it fits my nature. Of course, it probably won't happen for some time mainly because I want to pay off our student loans, which are sizable, and that would lead us right into that entire "moving to Iowa and spawning" thing that ensures you'll never have the time or money, unless you give up something else.