College Degrees, Bikes, and Watches

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Well, Fluffy is now officially graduated. Went through the long, over two hour ceremony after driving two hours in a car that apparently didn't have a working air conditioner. At least, it was only 30+ C instead of... oh wait, it was miserable! Hot and humid, just slightly cooler than the outside in stop-and-go traffic. We did have a little surprise though, of her class, Fluffy was one of three from her college branch to get the Alpha Beta Kappa honor society award. There were eight other recipients from the Chicago branch, but being in the top eleven of all students graduating is kind of a cool thing.

It was a very tiring weekend with eating out way too often. On Sunday, we basically crashed except for a couple hour shopping trip. I wanted it to be shorter, but we had to pick up Smokey drugs, which they didn't call to say they weren't in, and get some food so we resist sushi and subs all week. It was also the last day for Merry Money, from JB Robinson and we still had $800 left out of the $1,100 we got from her graduation ring. So, I got something I wanted: a 24 hour watch. It is suppose to be in on Friday, but I'm looking forward to having a watch that works in the same time as me.

I learned that my half brother just got his masters. Between that and Fluffy's graduation, we started talking about our own plans for getting a masters. It came up that it might be a good idea for me to do it before the Master Plan gets into the next couple of steps, mainly because when we have children, getting a masters is much harder. I'm only worried about two things on that. One is going back to college, even if it is night school and online. It takes time and energy to do college and I feel that something is going to give. Outside of that, I basically have: writing, gaming, exercise (which is still an effort for me), programming, and work. I don't want to give up writing and I feel like I've almost given up on programming for the time being, which means if college is too much, I'm might have to give up gaming for a while. Or at least storytelling (running games).

I think I need to fix my bike. This requires me to get the tools to fix said bike. I better do it today so I can ride later this week without worrying about the wheel collapsing on me.