The Last 24 Hours

» My Father's Bike: 0.570 (22,814 / 40,000 words)
» Wind, Bear, and Moon Edited: 1.000 (4 / 4 weeks until 2007-06-15)
» Muddy Reflections Query: 0.333 (4 / 12 weeks until 2007-08-10)
» Summer Biking: 0.184 (73.4 / 400 km)

Another day without actual writing. Taking care of the tribble today since Fluffy is downtown babysitting. Hard work, since I usually lose myself during the day, but with Inigo, I have to pay attention every hour to let him out. Not that he actually wants to be let out, apparently. I was just told to let him out.

Since I decided I wanted to write a game to distract me from My Father's Bike, I had all these ideas. Then I found the CuteGod Prototyping Challenge which is actually a cute idea. This guy creates game art and gives it away for free (damn impressive). He also gave a prototype idea for using his tiles with a little minicontest. It actually looks like a reasonable thing to do in a couple of days (weeks in reality) and would be a nice little "I did this." I had a bit of trouble sleeping working on ideas for the game. I think I'll do it since 4E6 hasn't started yet. After gaming, of course. That will take precedence this weekend.

I'm getting back Wind, Bear, and Moon today. I'm also going to be creating the outlines for the next four books as part of my "series package" I'm going to be sending out as part of the proposal. I think I have a solid round of plots, well within my writing ability. The editor gave me a nice comment:

You did a super job.

I just hope it translates into publishers thinking the same thing. :) But, I think that submission is going out by Sunday and then I'll be chewing on Inigo's nails until I get a response. I'm also going to send out a letter to the Muddy Reflections query basically saying its a repeat query, but with proper postage. Since I figured I only have a small percentage change of getting published there (*pout*), it shouldn't affect it significantly. Or, at least I really hope they love it, sent me a response, and then I look like an idiot for asking for another response.

I also worked on the XSD for Exalted over on It seems like I'm actually getting some good progress and I can only hope that what I'm producing is actually helpful.

Found an interesting, for-sale knitting pattern: Viking Hats for Babies. I know there are a couple knitters who read my blog, so I figured I'd mention it.