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Peering into Glasses

Wind, Bear, and Moon Proposal: (1 / 26 weeks)
Muddy Reflections Reading: (1 / 26 weeks)
Summer Biking: (91.2 / 400 km)

This weekend, LensCrafters pissed off Fluffy and me. It started last week, when Fluffy went to get her eye exam. She really liked her glasses, so she asked if they could just replace the frames. Too scratched, they said, and so Fluffy bought herself another set of frames and a stack of contact lenses. Perfectly find, if Inigo didn't chew on the frames. More accurately, he chewed on one end and scratched the plastic lenses. When she brought them in: Too scratch, you'll have to drop another $245 for a new set of frames. He didn't even scratch the chrome around the lenses, just the end that doesn't bother Fluffy. So, they can't replace a week-old set of glasses without spending a ton of money. I'd consider going to Pearl Vision, but I was told they are owned by the same company now, probably doing the Walmart thing of getting rid of their competition, then driving up prices on stupid rules. Speaking of Walmart, they'll replace her lenses for $20 and the cost of the lenses and use her old frames. Now, if she could just find them...

A lovely weekend, spending a fair amount of time on the Wii and working on Sprite3. Caught Fluffy playing by herself a couple of times, which was neat because it means I found a game she could enjoy. On Sprite3, I finally got enough to give screenshots so you can see what in the world I'm doing. I'll put them behind a cut because they are relatively big.

Now, for those of you who don't know what a sprite library it, basically it is a system for putting 2D images on a screen and moving them around. The 2D images can look 3D-ish, but the main part is moving them around the screen. I'm using the PlanetCute and CuteGod stuff for this, so the tests are actually using the tiles from that set because they just look good. The first is just some examples of layouts, mainly to make sure the shadows turned out right and to remind me that I have a chance. The second is a random collection of land blocks, which is the start of my selector (click on the mouse to pick up) demo. Oh, all of these images can be clicked for full-sized ones.

sprite3-001.png sprite3-002.png sprite3-007.png

One of the features of the game I'm planning on writing needs the tiles to jump up slightly when there is a bug underneath them. These two screens are basically part of the "physics" demo, which is basically just having two 1D vectors working on a tile to cause them to jump up or fall down based on mass and a vector.

sprite3-003.png sprite3-004.png

These next two screens are the drag and drop demo. Basically, the gems turn green when your mouse is over them (sort as) and orange when you click and drag it around. You can move them around the screen. I don't really need this for the game, just something that was fairly easy to implement and the mouse-over/click stuff is needed, since I kind of need exit buttons and main menus.

sprite3-005.png sprite3-006.png

Ah, the evil children demo. This just has three children randomly moving across the screen every second or so. Probably one of my original demos and slightly creepy. :)


Finally, I have my bounce demo. All this is is gems bouncing around the screen. When your mouse is over them, they turn green. As I worked on the library, I basically started simple (teleporting children, bouncing) and moved up into the PlanetCute stuff.

sprite3-009.png sprite3-010.png

I'm pretty happy with everything so far. I have a couple more minor features left to work on the library, then I'll be starting CuteGod probably this week. Apparently, I also have two days off on Thursday and Friday, so I might be doing a lot more and seeing if I can get at least a "game" out of it by the end of the weekend.