Low-Hanging Fruit Week

CuteGod Development: (44 / 172 requirements)
Wind, Bear, and Moon Proposal
Muddy Reflections Reading
Summer Biking: (183.8 / 400.0 km)

Today, I'm rode my bike into work again. Just as yesterday and I am very, very exhausted. I know that my body will adapt to doing 20 km two days in a row (had to walk almost three meters though yesterday), but it isn't fun until the rest of me adapts. As my dad says, my struggle comes from the extra weight I'm carrying (i.e. a polite way of saying I'm fat). I can consistently average about 38 minutes to go 10 km, including both ways. Which is pretty good, given that the way home is uphill most of the way.

The ride in was pretty good, mainly because I was excited that I finally got something off my chest. There was some work with dh_creatclipolicy that has been hanging over me for the last couple of months, my obligations to the Open Source community, and I've been stalling. Last night, I finally got off my ass and made it work. It just needs some cosmetic changes, maybe a bug fix or three, and I should finally be able to say it is done.

I have no energy for CuteGod, as I knew I wouldn't. I found a good (free) installer maker, so I'll be able to offer an installer program the next round. I also was made one of the project developers for BooGame since I'm going to be adding some features to it. And, to my surprise, I was made one of the project leadertypes for prebuild. Again, that is because I'm going to scratch an itch I have and make it a bit better to use. One thing I like about the OSS community, sometimes you can just send in changes and sometimes you just step forward to help everyone. Admitedly, I haven't done much with CeGui# or SDL.NET, both of which I'm developers for, though I have submitted code to both (a Irrlicht.NET backend and the "Moonfire Demos" which have since been removed, respectively).

I think this week is "get rid of small things" week. Trying to knock off a couple of things that have been haunting me. Depending on my mood, I might try to write a short story or two. I have a (hopefully better) story for Steam Punk Magazine which I want to write. Plus, getting read to tile my living room (I have 54 boxes of tile on my sun porch which thankfully has a concrete floor to handle the weight) and GenCon and my vacation next week. Oh, and gaming this Saturday.

It's going to be a busy set of weeks coming up.