Moving Forward

CuteGod Development: (44 / 172 requirements)
Wind, Bear, and Moon Proposal
Summer Biking: (194.4 / 400.0 km)

When going back to the beginning,
After almost reaching to the end,
One must remember to look back
And remember exactly how far they got
Instead of focusing on
What they almost made
Or what they nearly reached.

Interestingly, this last rejection really didn't bother me that much. I mean, yes I wasn't the happiest in the world, but for a form letter (Dear Creator:) it just "was." Though, when I got home, I really didn't have the energy to do much, so I just worked on cleaning up my Debian packages and finished a short story that has been hanging over me for a while. I'll be submitting it today (email submissions). I'll also be looking for a new publisher for Muddy Reflections, I think I have two more on my short list then I'll have to start doing the Writers Market thing again. Tonight, I'll either write or start outlining Peg and Sue are Lost in Space (title changes daily) and/or Case of the Morning Zombies.

Oh, last night, I made the entire trip from work without getting off, including the evil hill. This makes only the second time I've actually made it and I really need to get my bike into the shop since it is really hard without being able to use the hill-climbing gear.