I got boats!

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Got a cool package in the mail. It was my three (two frigates, one galleon) boats from Dragonfire Laser Crafts! Very pretty, laser-cut wooden boats perfect for setting up on miniatures. Too bad the next few adventures are going to be entirely land-based. :) But, I was reminded to finally pick them up (since I've been lusting after them last year's GenCon) when they got nominated for the Ennie Awards. I wish them the best of luck and I love my boats.

Too bad I didn't get to play with them. Instead, I spent about four hours removing carpet from the living room. 600 square feet doesn't sound like much, until you are on your hands and knees, peeling them off 30 years of history. Tonight, I get the joys of removing tack strips, repairing about three meters of pet-ruined drywall, repairing a ceiling, and getting ready to paint tomorrow. No plan survives an encounter with the house in this case. I was hoping to have painting down tonight, but we probably won't even start until tomorrow morning.

I just keep telling myself: "It will be worth it."