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Life seems like it is on hold. Coming off a lovely vacation (well, mostly lovely), we jump right into this project removing carpet, repairing walls, and tiling. This is day nine of what I thought was a four day project. :) I've managed to take off 4.5 days from work (Friday was a half day), blow up to a grand on extra stuff that I didn't remember/realized/wanted to get. Fluffy, in her lovable wisdom, has been pushing me and pushing me to get complete; we both started winding out of steam probably two days ago.

But, the tile is down, 3/4ths of the grout is in place and we just bought a whole slew of little things like baseboards, plates, curtains, and everything else to make our new room a room instead of a playground for Inigo. Fluffy's fear that Smokey would hate the floor was blow away on the first day we put in tile when he kept getting on the tile, off the tile, on the tile, off the tile for hours at a time. We can barely keep him off the tile. So, that one little worry point gone.

I do worry a lot, even with the hump of the project over. Tiny little things, like the premix cement we used on the last six tiles not drying nearly as fast as the two hundred pounds of stuff we made for the rest of the room. Two tiles out of nearly 580 are popping up, which threw a wrench in our plans for getting everything done by Sunday.

But, we are getting close to the end. A few more days (I swear) and we will be done.

Then, a week before GenCon and back to my game and book. *cheer*