All alone...

Well, I'm a bachelor for nine days. Fluffy is out of town to visit her cousin in South Carolina, then to drive to Iowa, then back here home. So, nine days of pining for her and nine days of me not having that anchor I've gotten used to in the last ten years.

So, I worked until two in the morning last night on various projects and watched 300 for the first time. Did two comics for Glorious Saber so I'm now two ahead. Only eight more and Fightertype says she'll read it.

I also tried my hand at playing Resistance: Fall of Man. While I consider myself a good gamer, most platformers games don't cause me problems, apparently I suck at FPS. I felt like a hyperactive spastic running around, hitting more buildings than monsters and everything else. I tried the demo for Darkness, another FPS, and another twenty minutes of running around hitting walls and getting shot up like no tomorrow. Demo for Heavenly Sword? Slaughtered the opponents, every single one of them with chained combos and nearly got through the stage with a flawless. Heavenly Sword is not a FPS. :)

Though, it looks like someone is making a REALLY big map of Creation. I offered both what I've done already and possibly an ISP to host it, which means I might be working on that (it was on my todo list after GenCon anyways) because I'll have someone working with me. Admittedly, it would be a lot more complicated that what I have now, but I think it would benefit the Exalted gaming community as a whole (and more brownie points with White Wolf.

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