It is a good thing I had my tetanus shot when I fell off my bike a few years ago. This morning, as I was rushing to get the dogs into the car, I accidentally stepped on one of the many rusty nails that litter my garage after our home improvement project. Fortunately, it didn't go all the way through, but it did leave a rather nasty puncture wound that occasionally reminds me that I need to do something about that.

Last night, I noticed that my new MythTV box didn't have any schedule data. So, I stayed up way too late upgrading it. I had to stop near midnight, but at least I have schedule data, but it just can't change the channel on the unit or from the remote. Oops. Guess what I'm fixing first thing this evening when I get home? :) That way, Fluffy won't have to suffer without having her DVR. Interestingly, the Debian Multimedia guy did the right thing and didn't move the latest version into stable, which means I had to compile it from scratch. No big deal, just time. I also know what is wrong, so that shouldn't be too hard to fix it up.

The online map editor may become something a tad more... big. Talking to the guy, it sounds like he'd like to put it in a large framework for campaign management. This has some appeal, of course, since I've tried to create one of those for some time now. We'll see how it turns out, of course, there is a big step between talking about something and actually starting it, much less finishing it.

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