Got my first parking ticket yesterday. Doesn't seem like much, but I managed to avoid doing that for sixteen years of driving. And it came down to I forgot to move my car. Yeah, the ticket is just a stupid little thing just as remembering it, but it reminds me that I have a lot of trouble with losing track of time. And remember the little things like birthdays or people's names.

Yet, I can remember about the last hundred books I've read and what people were wearing on specific days. I can remember most of the progressions for D&D spells, despite the fact I haven't played the game in close to five years.

All of our memories are based on what we do. When I was in martial arts, I could remember just about every maneuver that I was suppose to without a problem. At the time, I couldn't remember that I was suppose to be in a 07:30 class every morning (ug).

Last night, I spent an hour or so working on BooGame, trying to fix a bug until I realized that the entire reason I started this rewrite was because the default FreeGlut backend didn't work but SDL did. *sigh* Works nearly perfectly on my Windows side of things; some days I hate software development.

After that, I worked on Change of Honor which I'm planning on submitting to Paper Blossoms, Sharpened Steel: Tales of Fantasy from the Far East. I'm having a remarkably hard time getting back into writing, last night was the first night in four that I actually felt like the words were coming out, instead of sputtering like frozen jello through a grinder.

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