Another rejection for Muddy Reflections

Yesterday, I sent out a submission for Muddy Reflections to Alondra Press. It was an electronic submission. Today, I got a very polite and nice response. They apparently are swamped and can't even consider another book for two years. So, one more rejection and one more piece of paper for the folder. And I put it on my InterestingDates note to ask again in two years, if I haven't gotten published by then.

That does reflect my view of things. I think I'm very patient. At one point, I wanted to learn Reiki. It looked like the right thing for me at the time, so I kept an eye out for it for the better part of two months. When I was in Iowa City one day, I noticed a flyer for Reiki attunements, so I called. I just missed it by a few weeks and she wasn't going to do one for another year. She was very sorry and offered to point me in a different direction but I told her I'd wait. And I did. Eleven months. It was five years later that I picked up Reiki II where most people seem to get it two days or two months later.

The same thing with with the Master Plan™. Fluffy and I have actually be going through this goal for close to five years now. Trying to get money saved, the mortgage paid down, getting our degrees so it would be easier to move and get a job. Five years we've been working toward it and I haven't really been that impatient. I've had doubts, but it seems right for me.

It also shows up with how I'm submitting things. I don't feel comfortable sending out two or more query letters. I don't know why, it just seems so rushed and I'm afraid (probably wrongly) that two people would accept it and I'd have to say no to someone. Given the number of rejections I've had, that really isn't an issue but it still worries me. So, I send them out one at a time, and wait for each feedback as I go.

Since it wasn't that interesting, I moved my waiting for progress to a status page. Naturally, I added a bunch of other stuff I need to finish in the next couple of weeks. Around my programming, that is.

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