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It is hard to ride your bike when you bring two dogs into work, so I drove in again and probably will all week. With Fluffy out of town, I'm doing all the morning things like feeding the cats and dogs. It doesn't help when you stay up to 01:00 to get the MythTV box upgraded, trying newer and newer versions just to find that what you were fixing was not what was broken. *sigh* I hate those days.

I did get BooGame to compile again. The example program doesn't work, but at least it compiles. Now, to make everyone play happily and to get things back to before I started working. :) It's silly and was a lot of hard work, but I think it will make CuteGod more stable.

I tried working on a Japanese-themed story in the last couple of days. While I can picture it in my head, its been so long since I wrote that I "forgot" the spark. So, I have to write to get it going again just so I can work on my stories and commissions.

Wind, Bear, and Moon Proposal
Summer Biking: (236.7 / 400.0 km)