Good day of writing, programming, and The Host.

I had a good writing day yesterday. I finally finished the first draft of Change of Honor while watching bad movies on the television. Then, as I decided to watch Dark Water (the Japanese version), I finished the first draft of Another Werewolf's Tail. So, I am enjoying a distinct high from getting something done.

I also got more progress on BooGame. Actually got the SDL layer to load a window and show something close to what I'm aiming for. That was seriously good news, though I think I still have a lot of work left on that. I figured today will be getting the SDL stuff on BooGame working and maybe, just maybe start working on CuteGod again this Monday.

4E6 is coming closer to announcement and I'm both anxious for that and half worried about it. Normally, they give you about nine months to work on it. I really, really want to finish CuteGod before that, which means that I might be taking the first two months of 4E6 off to work on other things instead of working on that contest. Furthermore, after some discussion about making games cross-platform (and how a good number of people feel that making games run on Linux or Macs is a waste of time, energy, and effort), I might be ponying up a couple hundred dollars to make a secondary prize for cross-platform. Yeah, it doesn't matter to 91% of the market, who all run Windows, but I feel that the Mac and Linux both deserve to have at least more than a handful of games. And I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.

As long as I can afford it. I can't actually spend money until I get paid. The emergency check from work didn't go as far as I hoped. Its going to be tight, but I think doable, I already have a contingency plan in action to help with that. I plan things.

The only other thing I did last night of note was watch The Host again with Fightertype and Uteck. Despite the fact they burst out laughing at least half a dozen times, it "wasn't that funny." How can you laugh about scenes, talk about them minutes after they happen, and bring them up as funny quotes and somehow say it wasn't funny. Oh well, different people, different thoughts.

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