Up a Level
I'm not in the lead, but that's okay...

I hate it when I want to work and can't seem to get anything done. I mean, I wanted to get almost done with BooGame and related libraries before the end of the weekend. I noticed that loading my Sprite3 demo was taking about 1.5 GB of ram for the first five minutes, then dropped down to 45 MB. Since it was using a less than optimum method of loading (DevIL instead of the built-in SDL_Image), I decided to switch it over to an abstracted texture backend. This, naturally, broke a lot of things and I'm still trying to bring it back to date. All this to finish CuteGod before they announce 4E6.

When I was wandering around the Internet, I found this site that had another CuteGod implementation far and away beyond what I've gotten on CuteGod. So, I have a benchmark to try reaching, their game actually looks pretty good. It also inspired the guy who proposed the CuteGod to respond, something I never got. :) So, I have my inspiration. Now I just have to finish.

I also submitted my resume today. It is to work on a Novell implementation of a Microsoft product, but it is with a group of developers that I already work with and it is something I think I could do fairly well. I think it means I'll be looking at somewhere between a 40k and 60k drop in pay (*sigh*), but what is more important. Making lots of money inconsistently or making less consistent money? I guess I'll figure out the answer, but I still have to get through a few tests, some interviews, and the like before that question actually comes up. And if I'm still choking at work (my contingency plan kicked in yesterday), then the universe might be making a choice for me.

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