Randomly Cool Things

On occasion, I find randomly cool things on the internet and in life. One of them was just a thank you from Fightertype's mother. I helped her move furniture, a friend asked therefore I did. As a thank you, she gave me a book on medical gynecology. Now, before you say "WTF?" or its spelled out version, I love learning things and it is amazing what you can learn from a book that covers everything from exams to directions on how to perform surgeries. Muddy Reflections, and the short story that started it, Murder on Piscrest, were written when a coworker gave me three books on death scene investigation. No, I don't have any plans of writing about a gynecologist who moonlights as a detective, but it is still neat reading about the various procedures, clinical descriptions, and well, things I didn't know.

The other neat thing I saw was an oil-cooled computer. I haven't gotten into the casemoding or overclocking computers. While I'd be pretty reasonable at the casemod thing, it still hasn't really appealed to me (just like I think I'd be kick-ass at Second Life, but won't touch it). But, I saw this image of a fishtank filled with mineral oil and thought, "damn, that's cool."

Other than that, struggling to finish the first draft of this commission and getting ready to run a Changeling-inspired game but ran in the Hero System. Most of the players don't care about the system, as long as they have fun. I want to have fun, plus I like having tons of options. Lot of work, running two games, but I'm still looking forward to it.

Woke up dreaming about computer games. Well, writing computers game, partially for the 4E6 contest and other reasons. I really should finish CuteGod before I do this, but my time is rapidly running out with the ton of other projects I have on my boat. I really need to finish some projects. At least one of them just got off the fire, I have to wait about 2.5 months until the next step continues.

I really need to send out Muddy Reflections and Wind, Bear, and Moon out again.

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