Feeling a bit down...

This was a very busy weekend, but not that much on the productive side. I worked on my commission most of the weekend (with frequent "don't wanna work" breaks to various places). And got pretty much up to a first draft. On Sunday, Fluffy and Fightertype entered into a Tae Kwon Do tournament They are both Hapkido students, but they must enter a tournament before their black belt, so they went in for board breaking only. Fluffy got the gold medal in her minor division but didn't get grand champion. However, it was awesome to watch her elbow strike three boards at the same time, twice. I was stunned by the price involved: $10 for me to watch, $60 for her to participate, $3/board (she broke 15-18, I don't remember). Everything cost money, money, and more money--about $132 this time.

They are finally announcing the Four Elements VI contest and elements in four days. I'm annoyed at myself for failing to finish CuteGod in time. I'm also upset that I should have been able to finish, but got lost in the trees and never managed to pull myself out. It doesn't help that Steam Punk Magazine #3 just came out. I didn't get a rejection notice, but I wasn't in it. It's a great magazine, but it makes me wonder if I just don't Get It™? At this point, every story and novel I have sent out has come back as a rejection. I'm probably going to wait to sending out Wind, Bear, and Moon and Muddy Reflections again, but after I get feedback from the other Dylan and Scienceprincess respectively.

Summer Biking: (260.7 of 400.0 km)
Change of Honor (1 of 3 rounds)
Another Werewolf's Tail (2 of 3 rounds)
Commissioned Work (4,885 of 5,000 words)