Today sucks

The end of my day came with a flat tire and a collections agency letter for a bill that should have been paid. I hate collections. I hate that I trusted that something would be handled and I hate that a bill that should have been paid by insurance wasn't paid. So, two hours later, after driving all over the place to get my tire replaced, I still have a flat because every tire place I could find was either too busy or they were closed because I took too long getting there. And I still have a collections agency letter for $225 but now I have a letter from my insurance company that says half it was already paid. I know for a fact that the other half should have also been paid, so now I get the joys of getting on the phone, bitched out by the doctor's accountant ("you are responsible for your bill even if you think insurance is going to pay it") and my insurance ("don't pay until they submit it").

I am in a bad mood.

A very bad mood.

And I don't have Glorious Saber done for today.

Summer Biking: (346.7 of 400.0 km)