$21.43 to Level

$21.43 later and I am happy once again.

After a couple rounds of phone calls between the insurance company, the doctor's, and the collection agency, I have been completely absolved of my debt. The culprit was the fifth player in this drama, the processing company for my doctor's. They apparently had a typo and all of the doctor's patients in the last six months have not had their claims sent to my insurance company. As the accountant said, "I think you are the first of many and I'm truly sorry."

As a minor note: always be nice to people. Don't bother yelling and don't start of with accusations and you can resolve these things in no time flat. The hard part is, though you are stressed as all hell, don't take it out on them. People being yelled at cannot be counted on for giving their full attention to any problem.

After the flush of one mighty enemy defeated and me gaining 225 experience toward Resolving Money Problems, I focused on my next goal of a flat tire. 30 minutes and $21.43 later, I earned myself 51.43 experience toward Car Maintenance. I'm almost leveled up there.

I polished up the round of opponents by finishing my application process for starting college in January 2008. Needed a phone call to figure out something, but all I have left is for me to finish the student loan applications and I'm pretty much set. That is going to be a counter for a long time, 120 weeks worth of classes, including petitions that would be stupid not to send in. Call is 120 experience to Getting A Masters; I'm sure it will be going up over the next few months. :)

So, I feel much better.

Summer Biking: (346.7 of 400.0 km)