Food Poisoning!

Fluffy is out of town this weekend so I get to be a bachelor. Ah, the fancy times of wild parties, staying up late, and basically reliving the non-existent days before my second decade. So, what did I do in this restriction-free environment?

Got sick.

Yep, food poisoning. Started feeling bad on Thursday and it went right into Friday, getting steadily worse, and finally tapered off this morning. Woke up only a few minutes before noon, which is remarkable given the puppies not waking me up more than once. But, I feel much better. The strange part, I'm craving sushi which is what I suspected gave it to me in the first place.

So, between the rounds of being sick, I worked on the surprise of all surprises, CuteGod. Fixed a bunch of bugs, got more prayers working, and just admired the fact it is beginning to look like a real game. My goal this weekend is to put out a alpha release for Windows and Linux. The Windows one might not happen, but at least I can get the Linux version out and start getting feedback and stuff I missed type of things. Here's hoping.

I created a LJ feed for Glorious Saber for those who are interested in adding it to your friends page. Not sure if it is working properly, but I'm hoping to get more exposure.

I'll be removing my bike goal probably in a week or so. It is getting a tad chilly to ride and I'm hoping to get those last 30 km in before then.

Summer Biking: (370.2 of 400.0 km)