Four days, twelve pounds, and four hundred thousand dollars

Ick, Imperial measurements. But, my bathroom scale, which is in the hall, doesn't do proper metric like any sane appliance. What it tells me, even through the filter of a measurement system I find dated, is that I've lost twelve pounds in four days. Or about that, I didn't actually check it more than a couple of times before I had to be sick again.

Yep, still sick. I called in sick today and gave myself only a few more hours before calling the doctor. Thankfully, both for my insurance premiums and my own pride, one of the drugs I was taking finally started to take hold and I've only been slightly miserable for the last four hours.

Just in case, I didn't bother going into work.

Instead, I worked on CuteGod. Yah for obsession. Well, it has more to do with I don't think about being sick when I program. I don't think about being miserable or what time it is. I don't actually think that much when I code or write, I just try to do and it works out for me.

However, my attempts at achieving Oneness with the Universe didn't work out with a few choice phone calls from my company's accountant. We are friends, sort of, and we look out for each other. It all centered around a Bad Decision™ my boss made last Friday. She bought out interest in a liquor store for the low price of $400k. As a side note, no, she still hasn't caught up pay for me or most of the company, but it's okay, it's "her money" and she'll do what she wants. Doesn't matter that $400k comes out to eight full paycheck rounds and would catch up almost every single employee who has been hanging around for two years now waiting to get caught up. I wasn't happy finding out about this, but I got really unhappy today when I found out she specifically told people not to tell me. She didn't want me telling her it was a bad idea, that she already has commitments, that she doesn't need a project distracting her even more from the one that makes money, so she told everyone to keep me in the dark until after it happened.

How's that for trust? I've been with the company over two decades, am the vice president, and am in line to take over the company when she retires, but she won't tell me when she makes decisions that she knows are a bad idea. She didn't want to hear no, so she made sure I would never tell her that horrible, forbidden word.

I'll ignore the other lies she told people about how much I loved this purchase and I was completely behind it.

Summer Biking: (370.2 of 400.0 km)