Love is...

... a new garage door. I finally got a garage door and it is so pretty and clean and the remotes are black and shiny. Yeah, it won't last a while, but it is really nice being able to park in the garage. What isn't so nice is the five weeks of garbage that collected inside the city-mandated cans. I'll have it cleared out in the next three weeks or so, but still, it's so pretty!

... driving your wife home from work. Fluffy got sick this week. Really sick. Two days ago, she tried to come back to work but ended up going home early. I drove her home, then since I lost some time, worked late. Just because her getting home was more important.

... seeing your name on someone else's website. Today, Twisted Ink went live and nestled on the stories page is Thomas the Baker written by yours truly.

... convincing your mother that she needs to exercise more to be healthy and, after five years of worrying, have her finally make that first step. My mom has suffered with the same trials I have when a desk job gets too stressful. She considered surgery, but the drawbacks scared her, so she asked me and the rest of her friends to help her get better. It isn't everything, but it is finally a good step.

... spending two days getting the satellite working again. I wanted to work on NaNo, honest, I did. But, the satellite went out and I spent most of last night and probably a good hunk of tonight tracking down why one cable no longer has a signal, but the other one attacked to the same hardware does.

Case of the Morning Zombies (NaNoWriMo, 26,930 of 75,000 words)