Being sick and plans for this week

I got sick this weekend. Seriously sucks, but it was pretty predictable with Fluffy being sick the week before. Always seems to happen around this time of year, but at least I have the week off to properly enjoy it.

So, Case of the Morning Zombies draft is done and I'm on my next round of projects, fixing up CuteGod and working on the stuff for Ponies Among Us. Last night and this morning, I finally tracked down that damn bug with 32/64-bit operating systems on Tao.FreeType. Got it polished up and checked in this morning. That means that CuteGod *should* work on amd64 flawlessly with the next version coming out. Now just to clean up the horrendous code, repackage some files, and get through a 80+ list of things that I think it should include. Heh.

Meebey asked me to work on Debian packages a bit, so I spent a few hours this morning updating XSP and mod-mono to the latest version. Not working on the log4net stuff quite yet, but I'm hoping to get to that later this week. That will get all of my Debian obligations done for a few months (I hope) and let me focus on Ponies.

I guess the next focus is to work on cleaning up my various libraries, getting them broken up properly (Sprite3 and CuteGod are being split), and work on getting the file downloader/updater working. Then... I don't know, probably just trying to move forward so by Friday, everything is Super Green.

Case of the Morning Zombies (Edit #1, 0 of 37 chapters)