Still sick, imagine that. At least I didn't wake up at noon like yesterday. Instead, I actually had a rather nice day creating graphics with very little programming. I finished the blocks for CuteGod, including animating the grass and water ones (except the main water, oops). So, that should all be ready for the actually programming bit.

Last night, I worked on the beginnings of MfGames.Updater. It won't be done by the end of the week, but I can fake it with a zip file and the data structures I have now. I got some really good feedback on #mono, so I might make updater generic enough that others can use it for their own C#/.NET applications. I also spent most of yesterday cleaning up my libraries a bit, splitting Sprite3 from CuteGod (which needs to be done for Ponies) and getting things to stand on their own. I'm also splitting the Debian-specific stuff of my libraries from the main library, just because they aren't in sync most of the time.

I also redid part of my Moonfire Games website. Mainly to add the tabs on the top of the page, a about page for Glorious Saber, and clean up for the strip #018 that I also got done today. Plus, two people gave me some really nice compliments on the comic, mostly about it being funny which is the entire point.

Oh, and I posted my cheesecake recipe online for those who like it.

So, I've had a pretty busy couple of days. Tomorrow, I'm planning on working on Updater and getting CuteGod ready again. My plan is to have 0.2 alpha out on Sunday night or Monday morning (probably Monday morning).

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