Followups, Golden Compass, and friends

I think Fluffy is getting familed-out. She is resisting coming with me on Sunday to visit my dad for the holidays, mainly because we are also going to have a friend over for five days and we'll be gone for about four to five of those just to visit him (he's an hour's drive away).

It is definitely a season of reconnecting for me. A friend, Phyllis, came out of the blue and invited us to lunch. We had a nice little meeting, even if we were close to a half hour late, which I despise being.

I spent close to thirty hours helping a friend's forum. They needed their SMF forum converted over to InnoDB so their hosting provider would stop complaining about the damage they were doing to the shared hosting machine. Fairly simple, but it took a long time to covert a quarter of a million row tables on a production, shared machine. Thank the gods that MySQL added a "ALTER TABLE bob TYPE=InnoDB" feature which I didn't know about until yesterday.

While that was running, I went out and saw the Golden Compass. I liked it. It was a neat movie, some lovely special effects, and I like stories that stick with one fantasy world (no, I won't watch any sequel that goes into "our world" no, no, no, hate those). After being burned by the Bridge of Tarabithia, I was plesantly surprised. Though, I can see why people claim that the story is a jab against the Catholic Church, I didn't feel it was that. I felt it was jab against all organized religions and fascist governments. Anyone who tries to control your mind and the truth, so I had no trouble with the movie at all.

But, it is the end of the year. A reminder of things to come and plans coming to life. I sat down and renewed my membership for the ACLU, EFF, and FSF today. Not to mention paying a ton of bills and cleaning off my monetary worries for another month. It is nice getting paid (this Wednesday) and getting my car back again. With a flush on the accounts, I don't worry nearly as much.

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