The Threshold of Faith

I start college tomorrow. I'm terrified and excited at the same time. I need eight classes to get my Masters in IT and eight petitions. Naturally, the petitions will be in the areas that I have a lot of strength in (programming and databases) while I focus my classes on the stuff I want to get great at (management).

Well, on Monday, I managed to pry Fluffy out of bed and into a car to visit my dad for the holidays. Fifteen miles later, I was on the side of the road with a smoking engine, a temperature gauge beyond the high mark, and deciding that it was time to retire my twelve year old car. I am less than happy. Actually, I'm quite upset as I try to figure out how to juggle a new car payment.

We also had a talk with one of our good friends. She wants to buy our house when we move to Iowa, and it would be great if she did. But, there are enough things hanging out that will require a bit of expert level juggling. One of the suggestions was to let her move in early, help cover some of the payments and work on paying for the house long before she has to get a mortgage. I've done this before and it will require a lot on all three of our parts, but if it works out, then everyone wins. She knocks money off the payment of the house to make it easier for her to get a mortgage and we have a bit of money going on to help even the inconsistent incoming we get from work. Plus, I really need to pay down some of my debt before the house thing.

It also means, baring me getting a great job in Iowa, the move itself probably won't happen until 2009. I'm still going to look, but if I do find something, it just means I'll have to get an apartment in Iowa for a few months while also paying for the house. Um, basically been there, did that, it just isn't fun.

So, 2008 is already looking to be an interesting year.

Saw a little speed typing test on liz-dejesus's journal. Had to do it myself and I actually got a pretty good score: 93 words per minute.

93 words


(Second try, of course, first was 85 wpm).

Character Builder (91%)
World Builder (2%)
Kitteh Braik (7%)
Case of the Morning Zombies (Edit #1, 0 of 37 chapters)