Debian Obligations

I found out that code I put into one of the Debian packages about six to eight months ago was broken. It was for cli-common, which is one of those packages that most of the C# and .NET packages require, but it wasn't used until right before the holidays. I knew there was a problem with it, I just couldn't figure out how to duplicate it enough to fix it.

I hate that. Even though I know that donating work to open source projects, including Debian, is basically just doing something to help the community, I still treat it as a normal project. And one thing I hate doing is pushing out code that has a flaw. Well, meebey fixed it for me and things are working smoother now, but I'll need to keep it in mind.

And that reminded me of everything else I feel that I owe Debian. As one of my donated duties, I help maintain some of the packages (xsp, mod-mono, and a bunch of related ones) not to mention I want to get my own libraries up on Debian. Plus, meebey is interested in my MfGames.OpenDocument library, which lets you edit documents without needing that program. So, just a few more things to pile up on the heap.

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