Juggling monies...

I kept thinking about the car. Well, mainly what I have to do to afford it. I know, it's a silly thing, but I know I can. Or, more accurately, I should. I know how much I make and I know how much I pay in bills, it is the space between the two that is rather cloudy when it used to not be. Our lifestyle has increased to fit my salary and I think it finally got out of control.

Fluffy and I talked, and while she doesn't seem happy with it, I think she understands that with the current plans, this year is a transition. We have to reign in some of our expenses and really save up for Iowa, this new car, and basically getting ahead before we enter the very scary world of tiny little spawn (i.e. children) running around at our feet.

I don't want to be in the same situation that I grew up in. I don't want to worry about food from week to week and I don't want to have the constant feast and famine that I grew up with. Fluffy is close to me on that, we were both raised with single mothers for about half our childhood and most of that time was really scraping to make ends me. I think that is why I worry so much about taking care of Fluffy and making sure she has what she needs.

Since I needed to do something, I created a planned goals page and pulled off the projects I haven't started. And, I also redid the graphics for my progress bar into something that fits my personality and current image theme a bit better. I took the lunar eclipse image from my main site (brokentypewriterpress.com) and created a bar out of it. I like it a lot better.

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