I'm a fairly honest person. I know, it sounds strange, but I am. Actually, I go a bit more toward the brutally honest side of things instead of the "mostly honest". In the past, it's hurt me. Sometimes, a lot. One example is giving blood. I used to give blood every six months for a good number of years until I answered one question honestly. Since then, I can't. I can't help with something I love doing. And it is a stupid little thing that a medical test can (and has) proven repeatedly that isn't an issue. Kind of like being in England during the Mad Cow Scare. If you were, even if you are a vegatarian, you can't give blood. Ever.

My strict honesty comes from how I was brought up. My mother was... less than honest with me in most things. Obviously, honestly isn't a strong thing at work either. So, I went the far opposite direction with being full and completely honest in most thing (I usually won't lie to a direct question and I will not lie to a direct question from Fluffy).

So, why is this issue causing me troubles at night and giving me insomnia? Because I'm thinking about being less than completely honest about my car. I will tell the truth, but I'm struggling with the need to tell the entire truth and leave nothing out, which would result in me getting nothing for the Subaru, or telling mostly the truth and trying to get a bit of money out of it.


As a side note, in my inability to sleep over moral issues, I got a bit more done with Kitteh Braik. It now shows a big black screen with Glorious' hair on it. Yes, it doesn't look like much, but that screen represents a ton of work. There is BooWorks, which is a game framework I wrote to simplify code between CuteGod, Kitteh Braik, and Ponies Among Us. There is the asset toolchain which parses the SVG to change colors (my code), loads the file from SVG (using rsvg), into a Pixbuf (gdk), and finally into an OpenGL texture (Tao.OpenGl). In other words, this rather boring image is actually the result of weeks of work. This week, I hope to get a physics layer into the game so Glorious can move.

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World Builder (2%)
Kitteh Braik (9%)