Scroll of the Lands and 10 things about my writing

I have the attention span of a ferret. Some months ago, I wrote an fan-made Exalted supplement called Scroll of the Lands. Mainly because Mandate of Heaven didn't work for our games. Recently, I mentioned that I had some work and it created a (relatively) large number of comments, suggestions, and discussions over on the White Wolf Exalted forum. While boosing my ego, it also seems to have shifted my priorities a bit since I want to polish that up while there is still some excitement for it.

And, for the writing joys and a meme running around: top ten signs a book was written by me. Well, ten things that characterize my writing style on a larger scale.

  1. Single line-paragraphs: I love to make a point using a single short sentence.
  2. Beauty: My main characters aren't pretty. Mudd Fourier is overweight and balding, Welf is average. On the other hand, the villians are all pretty much pretty.
  3. Romance: While I'm not a Romance (capital R) writer, every novel I've written so far has at least one romance thread going through most of the novel.
  4. Metric: I live the US, but I write using the metric system. My fantasy worlds use metric, my sci-fi worlds use metric, and even my "modern day" ones do. While it hasn't come up, they also use ISO paper sizes. In Fedora (Muddy Reflections and Wind, Bear, and Moon), the calendar is base-10 (10 days in a week, 10 weeks in a month, 100 days in a month and 1000 days in a year).
  5. Quirks: Every single character of mine has a quirk. Most of them aren't there, but everyone has one from Mudd's problem with cat's to Dyfan's small phobia of loud noises.
  6. Rain and Sun: The good scenes are the ones where it is raining. The bad ones always seem to happen on sunny days. Bad weather always makes me feel good and it reflects in my writing.
  7. Eyes: Eyes are important to me. I put a lot of effort in eye color and their descriptions. I have a common set of descriptions for god's eyes that are separate from mortals. And almost everyone has brown eyes of some sort, except for the special characters.
  8. Lack of perfection: No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws, usually crippling ones.
  9. Sacrifice: Power comes from sacrifice and that reflects most characters who are powerful in the world. They *must* give up something major.
  10. Telepathy: Sooner or later, it seems like every fantasy and sci-fi novel has telepathy going on. I use «These» to mark it, but it shows up every damn novel!

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