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Someone noticed me!

I saw that someone noticed my ten things list from yesterday and blogged about it. Yeah, it was only a list, but it is still so cool to see my name on someone's blog or website. Those little ego boosts, you know, they also encourage me to write about it.

Speaking of egoboos, I'm still getting a lot of really good feedback on my Scroll of the Lands and spent quite a few hours last night working on it. I'm happy with the results so far, but there is still a lot of work basically writing an Exalted supplement by myself. A lot of writing, crunch, and trying to integrate close to a dozen Exalted books written by just as many authors into a unified game system to link combat, mass combat, and social combat into the Mandate of Heaven. And, apparently, I like the Civilization series since I think I'm going to be creating close to a hundred Constructions by the time I'm done.

Of course, I should be working on Ponies Among Us.

And I'm buying a new car today, I hope.

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World Builder (2%)
Kitteh Braik (9%)
Scroll of Lands update (7%)