The last ten days have been a series of rejections. This is both a good thing and kind of a depressing thing. There is a high point though. First, the rejections. Four stories I submitted were rejected. Three of them were for a short story anthology (1,200 words or less), but "any genre" does not apply to fantasy. Long story, but it makes sense when she wrote the personal email back to me. There is something to be said when the editor of an anthology says, "You're writing is lovely. I'm definitely a fan, it just isn't right for this anthology. I hope someday we can work together." She is holding back one of the rejections for a different anthology, so that is closer to 3.5 rejections this week.

The other was for Dark Recesses in their deja vu werewolf contest. Huge number of submissions, check the front page to see if you were accepted. I wasn't. So, I posted Another Werewolf's Tail on my website. I thought it was a cute little story, but oh well. I'm also marking it as a "story on the site" despite writing it last year. The goals are kind of vague to start with, but I don't have much waiting from the prior year.

In other news, I think college is taking a greater hit than I planned. Fluffy is feeling neglected and I haven't been paying enough attention to her. So, looks like I need to drop a few more things to make sure she stays in the front of my life instead of behind it.

Just not exactly sure what. I suspect Glorious Saber is going on hold, I haven't gotten many comments on it, so I don't feel too bad. I do have the next entire arc already planned, just need the 12-20 hours to illustrate it.

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