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Kitteh Braik and Scroll of the Lands progress

I've had a very creative, but exhausting, weekend. Fluffy went home to celebrate her aunt's birthday. She isn't doing that well, so she decided to stay another day and come home Monday. Naturally, she took the new car to show it off to her family. And, despite all things, apparently Iowa doesn't really exist for most of Subaru. The Tribeca comes with a navigation system, but Coralville and Iowa City aren't there. I mean, how can you not included the former capital of Iowa? Since I'm planning on moving there, obviously I need to do something about it.

But, on the creative bit. I got a physics system working with Kitteh Braik and made a centralized library where I don't have to duplicate my work between that and Ponies Among Us. I'm stalling a bit on what to do next, but at least I can drop boulders on people and I got the figure about quarter loading properly; though they are just small balls that exploded on the first impact, arms and legs flying in all directions.

I also worked pretty heavily on the Scroll of the Lands, adding about thirty pages of crunch to that guide. It is the largest Exalted project I have taken on. I've gotten some really good feedback from people on the forum, which helps drive me forward, but I hit a wall after working on it for three days solid. It is also getting up to fifty pages and I think it will end up about a hundred pages by the time I'm done. Not bad for basically one person writing an entire thinsplat.

And then I get to see if it actually is good. :)

So, that is basically my weekend. Writing and programming, high maintenance dogs, and a dozen movies in the background. I feel pretty good about it all, though I'm just tired right now and need a break. Good thing I go back to work... wait... not that much of a break.

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Scroll of Lands update (35%)